Kleen Detergent Powder

Extra Power. Advance Cleaning.

Kleen Detergent Bar

Extra power superior detergent cake.

Kleen Ultramarine blue powder

Safe on clothes.
Can be used on cotton syntetics and blends.
Gentle on hands.

Kleen Dish Wash Liquid​

With essential oils.
Essential home care product.
Soft on hands.,
Kleen dish wash liquid has a superior formula that is ideal for stainless steel, glassware, crockery and non-stick cookware.
The formula leaves the utensils clean and shiny along with a pleasant fragrance of freshness.

Kleen Toilet Cleaner

Removes tough stains, fights odours

Kleen Toilet Cleaner

Seal of purity, best quality ultra marine blue liquid

Kleen Toilet Cleaner

Kleen Multi Utility Cleaner: Is a white, disinfectant floor cleaner with pine oil.
Very suitable for offices, hotels ands homes as it can be used in bathrooms, kitchens, toilets etc.
You can depend on Kleen Multi Utility Cleaner to keep all places free from bacteria & germs.

Kleen Toilet Cleaner

Multi purpose household cleaner for sparkling finish.
Suitable for TV Screens, Fridges, Computer Monitors, Almirahs & all metallic surfaces etc.